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Red 12 Youth Academy

Red 12 Academy is the hub of a community of artists, teachers, mentors and ministers who act as family to bring teaching, healing, accountability, instruction, and counseling to the student.  


We are excited and proud to have students and faculty of The Red Twelve Academy using The Joseph Effect Program.

It is our honor to be partnering with Jason Weis, a local policeman and his wife, Kristin, the founders of The Demand Project.

The Demand Project believes in educating, equipping and empowering the community on how to stay safe against child predators who seek to harm children. They provide in-depth presentations that will give you insights on how predators operate, how to keep children safe online, and how you can stay educated on any emerging technological trends.

Joined with the Demand Project, The Joseph Effect with Color Free/Crime Free America educate students on internet safety and the traps of sex trafficking, preventing children and youth, both male and female, from falling into its snare.

The Joseph Effect

In Partnership With 

Color Free/Crime Free America

Color Free/Crime Free America is committed to promoting conceptual ideas that appeal to the moral and accepted principles that promote Law and Order, along with values that encourage life, liberty, and the pursuit of a collective, as well as individual peace.  Communities that Thrive Together Arrive Together!

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