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Our Team

Joseph Effect Founder and President
Dr. Howard Hatcher


Dr. Hatcher’s personal expertise and accomplishments are as follows:


Home Confinement Specialist under Fed Govt Sub Contract for Bureau of Prisons 2 Years.


D. Divinity, College of the Open Bible (Southern Baptist) and 33 years as a licensed ordained minister.


A noted public speaker substance abuse, drugs, violence, gangs, and unity, at schools, colleges, businesses, churches, as well as  to city governments and official leaders holding public office.


Development of programs on racial reconciliation and violence.  Recognized by the government, educational systems, and the international community.    See Color Free Crime Free America

Appeared addressing Reconciliation on The Broadcasting Networks, also on radio programs as a host and guest.

Development work with noted scientist on new concepts and inventions for three years, in C.D.I.  (Concepts, Designs, and Innovations).


Executive Director and owner of ad agency for 3 years(Creative Expectations Complete).


College teacher for Logos Bible College in Wichita, Ks.  Also served as international lecturer to colleges and professors in South Africa after apartheid. 

Patrick Picture.png
Counselor & Consultant
Mr. Patrick Kelly  LPC


The Joseph Effect is greatly empowered and strengthened in its service mission and transformation assignment to hurting humanity through Mr. Kelly's presence.


Patrick is a valuable resource for professional level servicing and and assessing of Joseph Effect Participants. 

He is uniquely qualified with a Masters in Counseling, Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling , BS Psychology, and a Licensed Professional Counselor.


Mr. Kelly is licensed for Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counseling and serves as a highly proficient case management expert with decades in the mental health field.

We are thankful to have Mr/ Kelly on our team.

Curriculum Development


Kathy A. Martin, PhD

Dr. Martin has over two decades of experience in corporate America. She has worked closely for and with Fortune 100 companies. Kathy holds a PhD in Business with an expertise in 21st century transformational change, culture, leadership, and learning; she also has a Master’s Degree in HR Management. She has a unique ability to get to root causes of various systemic issues in organizations and people groups by utilizing surveys and group and individual interviews.  Dr. Martin's experience includes holding various mid to upper level managerial positions in organizational development and learning organizations. Kathy is a licensed life and executive coach. She has coached all levels of management in various industries. Kathy is owner and lead consultant of Possibility Thinking Consulting Group. Her expertise includes; HR Strategy, Organizational Development, Learning Strategy, Change Management, Professional Coaching, and Transformational Leadership.  Other Areas of Focus: Leadership Development, Change Management Strategy and Design, Learning Strategy and Curriculum Design, Coaching, Mentoring, and Conference Design and Development.  Kathy has been hosting and conducting leadership conferences for over 10 years. She has a passion for growing and developing people. Kathy understands the demands the 21st century brings for market growth, the need to be on the cutting edge, and the technological side of the business to be properly aligned for sustainability. Dr. Martin possesses the passion and drive to build and sustain processes for success in other's individual growth & development.

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