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Services/Our Expertise

Joseph Effect is a non-profit organization that exists to provide life-altering mentoring to persons facing or already serving prison sentences. Through partnering with the criminal justice system The Joseph Effect connects skilled, caring, certified counselors with convicted offenders. Through a program of mental architectural soul design the organization seeks to reclaim and reform the hearts and minds of convicts, with the goal of taking them from "Prison to Productivity". The Joseph Effect has been utilized in schools, learning institutions, and communities where personal development and enhancement programs can aid the community and impact the development of its residents and constituents.
Strategy & Organization

We enhance public safety through educational programs and rehabilitation of adult offenders and youth through counseling and developmental growth models that give a basis for positive change and societal reintegration of program participants.   


The Joseph Effect is designed for pre-incarceration, incarcerated, and post incarceration offenders, Teenage Youth, and State Ward individuals referred out for counseling and or therapy.  


Our primary focus is to employ rehabilitative strategies to successfully reintegrate offenders into our communities. 

Organizational Advantage

Joseph Effect offers a 6 month, 1 year, and 2-year transformation mentoring program to its clients. The program engages a 3-dimensional track – Mental, Physical, and Societal/Moral. Clients receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program where applicable.


Measurable output and outcomes-based analysis are used to determine how well clients progress. Clients will engage in accurate inter-personal self-assessment and rationale. Successful completion of the program can possibly cause them to receive sentence reduction, early release from prison, and or record expungement where applicable.  


The Joseph Effect works well in schools, learning institutions, and communities, where personal development and enhancement programs can aid the community and impact the development of its residents and constituents.  Send us an email or call us to ask our staff how you can partner with The Joseph Effect.  

Corporate Finance

Do the math!  The Joseph Effect can help offset one year of incarceration cost at a fraction of what the state pays per inmate annually. In general terms this means that The Joseph Effect saves the state an average of 90 percent per inmate who qualifies for the program. On a national average, states conservatively spend 16 million dollars annually for every five hundred incarcerated inmates behind bars.  By partnering with The Joseph Effect regarding low level incarceration offenses, the states may then reallocate these funds to education, health care, or some other area of State Budget Priority.  A win, win for everyone, while lower recidivism, social responsibility, and community safety is enhanced and positively impacted!

Corporate Development

We believe that The Joseph Effect is more effective than government rehabilitation programs because:

  • It uses an interpersonal rationale

  • Professional Counselors as Mentors make a personal investment of their time into the candidates. Candidates are not just a number; they have accountability.

  • The Societal/Moral Track addresses principles and values needed for life. The Joseph Effect gives practical guidance for life. It aims to re-situate the conscience, not just the mind.

  • This program element addresses victim impact, family impact, and internal mechanisms and behavior motivations. It looks at the motivating forces of life as to why people make the decisions they make. 


The Joseph Effect is actively working to enhance and expand its transformation model beyond the United States borders into the broader international community where crime is high and education is lacking.  


Through proper re-education many offenders, troubled youth, and mentor-needing clients are improving the viability of their value in the work places and societies they live in.


We believe that Transformation is inevitable where the personal commitment is greater than the problem!  Even if the problem never changes, you can have positive transformation within it by Becoming Better and Not Bitter!  


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