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Strategic Partnerships and Projects

The Joseph Effect is widening its impact through strategic partnerships!
Color Free America
Crime Free America

The Joseph Effect and Color Free America(CFAM) partnered with Red 12 Arts and Education School of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The application and implementation of The Joseph Effect and Color Free has already proven to be a Tremendous and Life Changing process for all involved.   Red 12 is also engaged in Anti-Human Trafficking with The Demand Project which makes it a shoe-in for partnering with the Color Free/Crime Free Programs of CFAM.

Mclain High School
Implements The Joseph Effect

The Joseph Effect and Color Free America will be Partnering with "My Life Matters" at McLain High School in presenting The theme of "Completing the Dream of a Color Free America"   Color Free Means "There is No Supreme Race or Color But Citizens working Together for Lawful Expression with the bounds of the constitution.  Martin Luther King Jr. saw all races and Colors of Our children sitting together at the table of brotherhood.

The Joseph Effect in
Men's Groups 

Men's Groups and personal development coaches have been applying The Joseph Effect Model for years with outstanding results.  The process of going from "Potential To Productivity" is relevant to everyone with the desire to succeed.  The JE program provides the tools and processes whereby Apex change can occur!

Social Sectors Utilize The Joseph Effect

Word is spreading and the calls are coming in for The Joseph Effect Participation!  Over one hundred people have gone through the Joseph Effect Program Outline with amazing results.  See our testimonial page.

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